About us

Regina and Josue Founders of Miraki Home.

Creating elegance and illuminating moments.

Welcome to the world of refined allure, where every flicker of light is a testament to art and every fragrance is an invitation to experience the sublime. Established in 2021 amid the picturesque landscapes of Galicia, Spain, our journey began with a vision to infuse sophistication into every corner of your world. Let us introduce ourselves: we are Regina and Josue, the passionate souls behind Miraki Home.

Our history is one of devotion to the trade and devotion to the Earth. Each candle we create is a symphony of craftsmanship excellence, reflecting the fusion of our artistic spirits and the whispers of nature. Guided by our commitment to environmental stewardship, each element of our process is carefully chosen to reflect the beauty of our surroundings. From the pristine shores of Galicia to the heart of your home, we make sure that elegance resonates with every step.

At Miraki Home, luxury embraces responsibility. Our candles are born from a harmonious union of premium soy wax and first class essential oils. This symphony of nature's best is free of harmful toxins, ensuring that the glow you bring into your life is as pure as it is captivating. Our dedication to creating a toxin-free haven is an ode to your well-being and our commitment to a healthier planet.

As the seasons dance, so do our scents. We are proud to introduce new fragrances, each an ode to the ever-changing tapestry of life. The soft blossoms of spring, the invigorating enthusiasm of summer, the warm embrace of autumn, and the quiet whispers of winter: our seasonal releases capture the essence of time's fleeting beauty.

However, Miraki Home is more than candles; it is an embodiment of conscious luxury. It is the embodiment of moments that transcend the ordinary. With each light flicker, we invite you to bask in the glow of our labor of love, to create an environment that reflects your discerning taste and commitment to conscious living.

Join us in lighting not only candles, but also experiences. Let us illuminate your journey, one artisan masterpiece at a time. Together we create elegance and together we light up moments.

With heat and light,
Regina and Joshua